EAC Awards


The EAC awards were inaugurated in September 2014, first to acknowledge office professionals who have embraced and are emulating the lessons learnt through the EAC, and to award office administrators who embrace the characters of a 21st century office professional. All the EAC awards prizes are sourced through sponsorships.

The awards categories:

  • THE BRAND AMBASSADOR AWARD: This award acknowledges to an office professional who represents an authentic and credible brand, both professionally and in their personal capacity. This office professional must have a solid public image and a personal brand that sets them apart from their peers.
  • CUSTOMER CENTRIC AWARD: This award acknowledges an office professional who gives excellent customer service and always puts customers first. This administrator does not just provide a service but provides an experience for their customers.
  • TECHNO-SAVVY AWARD: Awarded to an office professional who has revolutionized their office or department in line with the digital age.
  • UBUNTU AWARD: This award acknowledges is an office professional who is able to manage emotions, empathise with others and is able to defuse conflict.

Find out how to complete your entry for the Awards…

Terms and conditions:

  • You may enter all four awards;
  • Entry to the EAC Awards is free to delegates;
  • An entrant  must be employed as an office administrator at the time of entering;
  • The entry must be accompanied by three references one of which must be from your immediate line manager;
  • Read your completed form carefully and check for spelling errors before submitting;
  • Entry must be completed electronically. It must be clear, concise and neat. Ensure that all requested information accompanies your entry;
  • The EAC has a right not to award if entries do not meet the expected standards;
  • Examples of the entrant’s  work must accompany the entry form (additional support material may be requested as evidence);
  • Entry forms should be accompanied by a short bio and a professional picture of the entrant and
  • Please submit entry form to: Nganele Dube | duben@mut.ac.za | 031 907 7217