EAC Awards

EAC Congeniality Award 2019 – For exhibiting the following qualities: friendliness and warmth towards other EAC participants, and a gift of getting along with other people. This individual is not the life of the party per se, but you might mistake them for being a member of the EAC welcoming party.

EAC Influencer Award 2019 – For influencing a large number of people, using Social Media tools to the benefit of the EAC. This individual does not miss an opportunity to share what is happening at the Conference with their friends and followers on Social Media. This individual is also up-to-date with the general Social Media trends.

EAC Patron Award 2019 – For unwavering support of the EAC over the years. This individual is a regular attendee of the Conference and has most likely been to all the EACs since 2012. This individual is among the first to register for the EAC and encourages others to follow suit.

EAC Role Model Award 2019 – For demonstrating exemplary behaviour in the EAC. This is an individual who makes the most out of the Conference. This individual attends every session and pays attention every step of the way. This individual knows that the sessions presented by various speakers are invaluable. The recipient of this award is someone who new delegates should look up to. 

EAC Swenka Award 2019 – For being consistently stylish despite fashion coming and going. The individual who receives this award is a trendsetter; a fashionista extraordinaire. The recipient of this award continues to fly their style flags through the Conference despite fashion coming and going.

EAC Diva Extraordinaire Award 2019 – For exuding great style and personality with confidence and expressing their own style. The recipient of this award does not let anyone influence who they are or want to be, but is graceful towards others. Their character stands out from the rest. Divas are born, not made. This award goes to an individual who is our very own diva.

EAC Veteran Award 2019 – For not only being a seasoned office professional, but a seasoned EAC delegate. If there was a section in the conference for senior delegates, the recipient of this award would belong in that section. Throughout the expansion of the Conference, the EAC veterans have always been there to carry the Conference to even greater heights.