About EAC

Mbali Mkhize: EAC Founder & Convener

In its 6th year, the Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC) has coined a new theme for 2017: Captaining Office AdministratorShip. The idea is to hone in on office professionals the huge responsibility they carry in order to steer the offices they manage to safety just like the captain steers a ship. For the ship to reach its destination safely; the team should be driven by a vision, ability to manage stakeholder relations, creative acumen, gender sensitivity and championing healthy living.

This approach is what is driving the EAC 2017 theme: Captaining Office AdministratorShip. It is a theme conceptualized at a high-order thinking; aimed at framing the work of an office professional as being beyond the general mundane duties.

One of the great successes of the EAC over the past five years has been to make office professionals become more engaged in civic duty. Accordingly, the EAC delegates have at each conference brought loads of sanitary towels to give out to needy schools so that girls from these schools may be able to stay at school.

EAC 2017 is taking civic duty to another level. It plans to raise awareness on identifying abuse of women by men and also raising awareness on femicide. These are topical issues in SA at the moment. It is a topic at the heart of the EAC founders as the EAC lost one of its members as a result of femicide in 2016. An empowered office administrator should be able to spot abuse in the office, at home, among friends and help raise this awareness so that necessary interventions are made at the right time and place before it is too late.

The EAC 2017 kicked-off this social justice programme in Durban and invited all office professionals, skills practitioners, sponsors and exhibitors at the EAC to attend an EAC Check-in Breakfast. The highlight of the day was a presentation by a Human Resources Development guru, Dr Joy Ndlovu, Founder & Managing Director of Ndlovu & Co Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Her focus was around gender-based violence and why it is important for office professionals to champion this using the skills they have gained at the EAC.