About EAC

Mbali Mkhize, EAC Founder & Convenor

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us! The future should not look gloomy or uncertain for an empowered office administrator. While the other professions may be downsizing, the Empowered Administrators Conference is busy strengthening the skills of 21st century office administrators to ensure their relevance for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We are very enthusiastic about the advances that the EAC has made over the past six years. These advances have centred on the core values and purpose that should drive office professionals to do what they do – as well as a strong vision for their future role. In this journey, our investment into the envisioned future for office professionals is taking shape, and the all-round growth of the EAC and its participants show that we are on the right path.

Notwithstanding what we have done so far, we view each EAC as an opportunity to ‘raise the bar’ further for office professionals. This year we believe it is time to conscientise them regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution. We need to safeguard the jobs of office professionals by ensuring that their reason for existence does not become obsolete. The office professionals at EAC 2019 will be taught how to use existing technologies to excel and become psychologically ready to transition into the demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

With this in mind, EAC 2019 aims to help office professionals think big. It’s all about Big Ideas. Big Concepts. We want our office professionals to understand their relevance to data curation within an organisation. We want office professionals to internalise the concepts of EQ and understand that as much as technology is a disruptor, we still need to maintain our humanity. These need to be underpinned by high levels of quality and the maintenance of quality assurance.

One of the pillars of the EAC has always been to educate our delegates to become socially responsible. Last year, the delegates made a ground-breaking contribution to the Bobbi Bear NPO by donating over 300 teddy bears for abused children. As part of the envisioned future for office professionals, the EAC hopes the social responsibility aspect of this year’s conference will help sensitise them to the needs of the marginalised and instil in them a passion for advancing their cause at all times.